After having my baby, and lets just say, he ruined my god given perky breasts…my husband and I decided we would both like a new set, or so to speak…

I consulted with several different surgeons and what it came down to is that Dr Vallecillos really made me feel comfortable in understanding exactly what I wanted and his success rate is 100% which is so very important. I showed him some photos and he was surprised at the size I wanted for my body.

Not wanting to look like an idiot I valued his opinion and told him to just make me look Vike I did before the baby damage.

On the day Of the surgery he asked me to tell his surgical nurse what I did not want, as I was very specific. They both agreed on a certain size and I went in.

After the surgery, he told me he tried the size they said they were going to do and that I would have been pissed because they were so huge that he went a lot smaller than initially planned.

Thankfully, he used his own vision of what I wanted according to my body and my results couldn’t be more perfect!

I have so many friends wanting to see Dr Vallecillos now it’s kind of funny. I am now referring my husband for a procedure and plan to do all my cosmetic procedures with him.

Thank you to Dr Vallecillos and Joy for making things go so smooth!


16 Jan 2015

Roxanne F.
Manhattan Beach, CA

I saw Dr. Vallecillos to fix another doctors mess. I will never go anywhere else again. I decided to get fillers for the first time in my lips upon a reference from a friend of mine, the doctor made such a mess, my lips were uneven, lumpy, over filled I looked absolutely ridiculous, and it was so painful. I went to see Dr. Vallecillos and within 30 minutes he made my lips look like lips again. I had no lumps, and he was able to even them out. He is amazing with fillers, I also had botox done as well. He has a very natural approach not too mention gentle too. I am going back next week for a breast consultation, and plan on surgery before the holidays. Thank you Dr. Vallecillos!


9 Oct 2013

Tiffany M.
Pico Rivera, CA

I am writing this review, as I think it is important to express gratitude and compliment when necessary. This would be my second review for Dr. Vallecillos in a few years. I have been a patient of his for awhile, I was referred to him through Dr. Stephen Pincus, and I cannot say enough about his beautiful work. I had a breast augmentation it was a revision, and very difficult. I had been contempalting this revision for years but was too afraid. However after much time I went forward with it….l am never looking back. I can’t even believe the result I achieved, it was more, and so much better than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful for Dr. Vallecillos and his wonderful staff. From the first time I entered his office and each time thereafter, I have felt comfortable and have been handled with such respect and care always.


13 Aug 2014

W. G.
Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Vallecillos hands down has been the best Plastic Surgeon I’ve experienced yet. He re-constructed my nose, looking exactly how I wanted. He talked me through the process and procedure 100% and didn’t rush through my questions.

When I later this year decided to get a breast augmentation, I went back to Dr. Vallecillos. He actually recommended I go with the less expensive implant because it would give me the best result. After that encounter I truly trust his advice, he is not just trying to make an extra buck off his patients but really cares about the best outcome for them! Plus, I’m so happy they didn’t come out looking like two watermelons with stretched skin like some implants I’ve seen.


26 Jan 2016

Sam Foster

Dr. Vallecillos did an amazing job with my breast augmentation…. their incredible! He is the man for the job! He went above and beyond my expectations, and made sure I was completely satisfied with my results. Not only is he great doctor, but he has a great personality and seems very genuine.


20 Dec 2019

Blaire H.
Santa Clarita, CA

Dr. V performed my breast augmentation back in 4/4/14 he explained everything to me as far as what to expect during, before, and after my surgery. I didn’t know what to expect but lim still satisfied with my results and have recommended to my sister. Once I need a revision I will go back to him for the procedure.


21 Jan 2015

Isela M.
Victorville, CA

“My experience with Dr. Vallecillos was great. I was afraid of the surgery and pain, but Dr. V. assured me that he would take care of me. I followed the before and after care instructions and the recovery time was quick: within two weeks I was back to work. In a month there was a noticeable change and people started making comments on how great I looked. My Breasts feel and look very natural and my stomach looks great. I am very happy with the results and definitely would recommend Dr. V.”


Isabel Rodriguez

Deciding to have surgery as a mother of two little ones was stressful. Dr. V and his staff from day one made me feel at ease about the changes I was getting ready to make. He was beyond knowledgable about the surgery, he answered all my questions and made me feel like I was in good hands with my concerns. The day of surgery he was there with me with his amazing staff to ease my nerves. The rehab was exactly what he said it would be and my results are impeccable and define perfection for me. I feel like a new mom and a new woman! Thank you Dr. V!! You and your staff are truly the best and I will reccomend my family and friends to you!


8 Aug 2016

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. V. He performed a breast augmentation on me and the results are BEAUTIFUL. I had went to a few consultations prior to meeting him and once I met Dr. V there was no question that I wanted him to perform my surgery. I get compliments on my breasts all the time because they look and feel so natural. My scars have all but disappeared and I couldn’t be happier. I went in for surgery on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. I highly recommend Dr.V. He made me feel very comfortable and secure in my decision to have a breast augmentation and I felt very confident and safe in his care. The surgery and aftercare was exceptional.


4 Feb 2011

Dr. V is a superior surgeon in every which way.

I initially started going to him after a bout of hormonal. cystic acne left my skin a scarred, pigmented mess. After paying thousands at a renowned BH derm that did absolutely nothing, I went to him per recommendation from a friend. He worked on my skin with a series of creams that he formulated himself, lasers. arxi peels. He knew exactly what my skin needed. A year later, my skin is near flawless to the point that I am able to go out in public, barefaced whereas before I wouldnt dare go wt in public without a full face of makeup on.

Never once did he try to up-sell me to something that didn’t involve fixing my skin (as per my experience with most plastic wrgeons), and his bedside manner is extremely reassuring and charming while remaining honest and professional. I brought in a good friend of mine who wanted a fat transfer to her tyeasts, double eyelid surgery. and lasers for her skin. he dismissed her, saying that she didnt need any of those procedures at all (which she really didnt) and sent her off with a laser package. All in all. he could have made well over 15k on those surgeries. That kind of honesty and conscientiousness is a difficult thing to find in the world we live in today.

Fast forward. after building a rapport with him for so long I finally pulled the trigger on a fat transfer procedure to my breasts. rve always wanted slightly bigger breasts but the thought of putting any kind of foreigl substance in my body had always skeeved me out so an implant was out of the question for me. Now. Dr. V is one of the pioneers of effective fat transfers in LA and all his results have all been reportedly I was terrified of going under the knife but if there was anybody I trusted with my body, it would be him. I dont have much overall fat so in order to get encxJgh fat to go up even almost a cup size. he had to harvest the fat from my flanks, stomach. and inner thighs. I was apprehensive ±out that since ive heard that thinner girls often get divets and ripples ‘Nhen fat gets taken out but knew that it wouldnt happen with the Dr. performing. Dr. V and his whole staff are awesome. The nurses. the and of course the great man himself were extremely warm and reassuring and the operation went smoothly without a hitch.

I can’t even express how happy I am with my new body. My friends see my breasts and can’t believe that they arent implants. My breasts are the perkier, bigger version of themselves and the rest of my body looks amazing. IVe always been pretty thin but didnt have tt•p waist definition that i’ve always until now. Even though the main focus of the operation was for me to have bigger breasts, he curves where there werent curves, definition where I didnt have any. My entire body looks like the better version of itselt The man is truly a miracle worker and I am grateful. Most surgeons operate with a scalpel. but I think he operates with a magic wand. If there’s any surgeon you should ever go to for ANYTHING: lasers, fillers, any procedure, it should be him. Will be and after pics soon!


24 Oct 2013

For those of you looking for a plastic surgeon, look no further. Dr. V is truly amazing, and master at what he does. I came in to have work done on my breasts. While I was nervous and skeptical at first, Dr. V was patient, answered all my concerns and questions, and right now, I am the happiest girl with my new implants. His work is fantastic. They look and feel so natural, and I couldn’t be happier. I was so pleased with his work, that I even sent my sister and a few girl friends of mine to him as well, and they were equally satisfied. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. V!


5 Feb 2011

From the moment I met Dr. V, I was confident in his abilities to turn my dream into a reality. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results from my breast augmentation and injectables. He was an innate eye for perfection and I will NEVER let anyone else touch me.


19 Jan 2012

Dr. V! What a godsend, miracle worker, overall surgeon to “everyone” not just the stars. Every time I go into his office, whether it’s for a little botox, fillers, IPL or a little nip tuck I leave there feeling so youthful and pretty. Thank you Dr. V for all that you do. I am loyal to you always.


30 Dec 2010

I went to 12 Plastic Surgeons for consultations. After my consultation with Dr. Vallecillos, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. He took ample time to explain the pros and cons of each surgery that I was a candidate for (because of my twins). I was also, considering getting Lipo however, he indicated that I would be fine with CoolScuIpting and get similar results without surgery, saving me over $5K.


9 Aug 2016

I’ve been wanting to have a Breast Augmentation for four years and was very scared to go thru with the procedure, but after coming to Dr.Vallecillos office and meeting with him and his staff it made me feel more confident in my decision. Feeling so welcome and safe in the arms of the doctor and his staff put a smile on my face and I was more then excited to have my Breast Aug. The beginning of March I finally had my procedure and I couldn’t be more happier with the decision and doctor I choose to do my procedure. Thank You Dr. Vallecillos and Staff you’re the best.


13 Dec 2011

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