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What is Breast Augmentation?

Old age, pregnancies, weight loss, or other desires and needs may have you feeling conscious about your physique. Not to worry, that is precisely what we are here for. Here at Los Angeles Breast Surgeon, we offer the best breast augmentation to uplift your mood along with your figure.

Dissatisfaction with breast size, shape, or volume often leads people to consider the option of plastic surgery. Augmentation mammoplasty, more commonly known as breast augmentation, is an ideal way for you to feel confident again in your own skin.

It is a surgical procedure that uses implants to increase breast size, add volume, and improve the shape and proportions of breasts.

Apart from enhancing one’s figure, breast augmentation is also a savior for those battling aging, the effects of weight fluctuations, and pregnancy.

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Apart from enhancing one’s figure, breast surgery is also a savior for those battling aging, the effects of weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or even a medical condition. There are several aesthetic benefits of breast surgery which include the following:

  • The rectification of sagging breasts
  • Enhanced breast shape
  • A more appealing cleavage
  • Better projection of the breast
  • Restoration of breast volume
  • Expanded wardrobe possibilities
  • Enhanced appearance in clothes and swimsuits
  • Achieving a more desired breast size and shape

Cost and Pricing Structure

Here is an overview of what our pricing structure looks like according to our

Breast Augmentation$3900-$19,000
Implant Removal$4500-$20,000
Breast Lift$7500-$28,000
Breast Lift with Augmentation$12,000-$35,000
Breast Reconstruction$5,000-$49,000
Breast Revision$5,000-$49,000
Breast Reduction$8,000-$35,000
Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation$6,500-$35,000
Nipple Areola Reconstruction$3,900-$14,000

Choosing a Surgeon for your Breast Surgery

When deciding to get breast surgery, it is important for you to choose a surgeon for yourself who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as a true plastic surgery board.

Our surgeons are not only certified but also extremely professional, kind, helpful, and dedicated to producing the best results, guaranteeing our patient’s satisfaction.

At Los Angeles Breast Surgeon, we feel that every woman should have an opportunity to attain her ideal breast size and shape. Just as all breasts come in different shapes and sizes, so do your option of surgeons.

We have assembled a team of some of the most talented breast surgeons in the industry. All Board-Certified, all pre-vetted. Additionally, because we work with a large pool of surgeons, we are able to offer services at several price points. This ultimately allows every patient the opportunity to undergo a breast procedure, knowing that they have a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Lastly, at Los Angeles Breast Surgeon, we offer several underwriting options, giving you great flexibility in choosing how to finance your procedure.

Before and After

Some of our beautiful patients showcase their exquisite transformations in their before and after pictures. With our help, they were able to feel more confident and blossom into their true selves

To have a look at more of them, head over to our before and after section:

How the Procedure Works

  • Before and Preparation

A consultation will be the first step on your journey to attaining your idealized figure.

For your consultation, you will be asked about your medical history to ensure that the procedure is safe to perform. The surgeon will also go over your options for breast augmentation which will include the type of implants best suited to your desires, your incision and implant placement options, and the size that you want.

Not only this, but your surgeon will also help you explore other cosmetic procedures that may work well according to your desired results. We understand that the matter at hand is a private one. That is why we aim to provide a comfortable space for our patients to freely express their concerns and our extremely helpful surgeons provide their best professional advice.

Surgeries can be anxiety-provoking for the patient. In order to relieve some of this anxiety, we guide our patients well before coming in for surgery. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Patients will be required to get a medical evaluation and a baseline mammogram.
  • Medication may be prescribed to the patients or their current medication may be adjusted.
  • Patients will be required to quit smoking prior to their surgery.
  • Patients must avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements
  • since they can increase bleeding.

Patients will also be given specific guidelines relating to diet and pre-operation care.

  • During the Procedure

Lasts for approximately 2 to 3 hours during which the patient is placed under general anesthesia. An incision is made at the target area discussed with the patient during consultation, creating an empty pocket for the implant to be placed in. After the placement, the incision is closed in such a way as to lead to minimal scarring.

  • Aftercare and Recovery

It is advised that the patient arrange transport to and from the clinic on the day of the surgery and have someone accompany them for the first few days. We also guide our patients about their diet plans after surgery and monitor them closely for a smooth recovery.

The patient will be sore for the first week after surgery. Tailored bras, lymphatic massage, lasers for bruising, and guided meditations greatly help reduce the discomfort felt after the procedure is done. 

Treatment Areas

We offer four incision options which include periareolar, inframammary, transaxillary, and umbilical. Although all options can be applied successfully, the right one for you will depend on your anatomy, preference, type of implant used, and ultimate cosmetic goals.

  1. Periareolar: In periareolar surgery, an incision is performed near the areola’s outer edge, typically in the form of a semicircle on the areola’s bottom curve. Due to the location of the incision, where the skin naturally changes color and texture, the benefit of this type of incision is that scars are typically effectively disguised. Furthermore, because the incision is so close to the implant location, precise implant placement is possible.
  2. Inframammary: Incisions made in the crease where the bottom portion of the breast meets the chest are known as inframammary incisions. This choice appeals to a lot of patients because scars can be readily concealed. Additionally, it allows for accurate implant placement, just like periareolar incisions.
  3. Transaxillary: The incision is made in the armpit when choosing the transaxillary method, essentially paving the way to the implant site. There are no scars on the breasts after this type of surgery. Additionally, this incision is less likely to harm mammary glands in women who intend to breastfeed in the future.
  4. Umbilical: An endoscope is inserted through a small incision made on the navel during umbilical breast augmentation. Finally, using the endoscope as a guide, the surgeon inserts saline implants all the way into the implant site through the incision. This technique, like the transaxillary incision, basically leaves the breasts unaltered because there won’t be any scars.

Implant positioning is also one of the many options that must be explored before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Here, one has to decide whether the implant will be located in front of the pectoral muscle or behind it.

As long as there is as much tissue as possible over the implant, producing a natural appearance, women with little to no breast tissue often benefit from having the implant inserted under the muscle. Breast implants that are positioned over a muscle will move less when the muscle contracts, but they will ripple more and appear less realistic.

Types of Breast Implants

Saline, silicone, and gummy silicone breast implants are the three most common varieties. While each option has the potential to deliver top-notch outcomes, they all have slightly different methods for achieving shape and volume.

  1. Saline: A sterile saline solution is used to fill saline implants. You can discuss the type of look you want to achieve with your surgeon because the form and firmness of saline implants might differ depending on how much of the fluid is injected. Saline can be safely absorbed by the body and ejected in the extremely unlikely case that the implant shell leaks or ruptures. Women 18 years of age and older may get saline implants.
  2. Silicone: The manufacturer pre-fills silicone into silicone implants. Many patients claim that silicone breast implants feel more realistic to the touch than real breasts. The gel from ruptured silicone implants may either stay inside the implant shell or seep into the implant pocket. In order to make sure the implant shell is in good shape, patients having silicone breast implants are needed to undergo MRI examinations every few years. Women 22 years of age and older can currently get breast surgery with silicone implants.
  3. Gummy Bear Silicone: Made of a cohesive gel, gummy bear silicone breast implants are a particular variety of silicone breast implants. They were given FDA approval in 2012 and have since grown in popularity because of their amazing appearance and texture, which closely resembles natural breasts. They are known as “gummy bear” implants because the silicone gel has a viscosity that is similar to gummy candy. Although the cohesive gel may still leak, the implants will hold their shape better because of this.

Implant Shape

The final appearance will depend on the type of breast implants you decide on. Depending on your physique and the look you’re going for, our surgeons can assist you in choosing the right shape for you.

There are essentially two shapes patients can choose from.

  1. Round: Implants that are round, have an equal amount of fullness at the bottom and top. For patients who desire dramatic enhancements, they are a popular choice because they have volume all the way around. However, depending on the profile and placement of the implant, spherical implants can still seem extremely natural.
  2. Contoured: Contoured implants, often known as “teardrop” implants, have a subtler, sloping shape that closely resembles the natural curvature of breasts. In other words, they resemble the shape of a teardrop and have more volume at the bottom and less volume at the top. Contoured implants are an excellent choice for patients looking for natural-looking outcomes from their breast surgery.

Am I a good Candidate?

Factors that make one a good candidate for breast surgery include:

  • Physically and psychologically healthy.
  • Having fully developed breasts.
  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breasts.

People may consider wanting breast surgery for a couple of reasons, some of which may be the following:

  • Uneven breast size.
  • Genetic deformities.
  • General unhappiness with the size, volume, and shape of their breasts.

It is vital for you to keep realistic expectations in line with our professional consultation and guidance before undergoing this procedure. Have a look at our before and after gallery to see some of the transformations of our patients.

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If you want to flaunt your figure and are dissatisfied with how it currently appears, breast augmentation may be the right fit for you. It will make you feel bold and beautiful again without having to be conscious about your looks. You can contact us to know more or visit us to have an in-depth consultation.

Similar and Related Procedures

Fat Grafting or Lipoaugmentation is another way you can achieve similar goals of breast augmentation. Breast size can be increased gradually, naturally, and subtly using “lipoaugmentation.” When fat is transferred to the breasts, it is taken from another part of the body using a delicate liposuction method. The main donor areas for fat cell harvesting are the thighs, buttocks, or love handles. After that, the fat cells are cleaned and refined. To generate a perfectly natural, gentle increase in breast size that will last a lifetime, tiny droplets of fat are then injected into the breasts where they integrate with the pre-existing fatty tissue. The additional benefit of this surgery is the slimming of the waist, thighs, or buttocks.

Breast lift is also a procedure that can be used for the enhancement of breast shape. For example, a breast lift coupled with a breast augmentation is the perfect duo to solve the problem of sagging breasts. Breast augmentation alone may not be able to address this issue.

A breast augmentation revision surgery may also be needed after some time in order to revive and rejuvenate the appearance of your breasts.

Side Effects and Risks

For healthy individuals, breast augmentation is typically a safe process, but there are potential dangers as with any surgery. By selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon and according to any preoperative and postoperative recommendations, you can lower your risk of facing problems. Some of the risk factors involved in pursuing breast augmentation are the following:

  • Poor healing and scarring
  • Infection
  • A temporary or long-term shift in the breast or nipple sensation
  • Contraction of the capsule
  • A broken implant
  • The skin over the implant is wrinkling or developing dimples.
  • Negative effects of anesthesia
  • A buildup of fluid
  • Clots of blood
  • Chronic discomfort
  • Problems related to cardiac, pulmonary, and deep vein thrombosis
  • The potential for breast asymmetries
  • A potential breast revision procedure

In addition to the aforementioned concerns, it’s crucial to keep in mind that breast implants do not last a lifetime, and you will probably need to have another procedure at some point to either replace or remove your implants. Additionally, over time, the appearance of enhanced breasts may be affected by a pregnancy, hormonal changes, and major weight fluctuations. Fortunately, if your breasts have been affected by age, you can get another breast augmentation done to give them a more attractive shape.


Our thoroughly satisfied patients share some of their comfortable and exciting journeys with us.

They left our clinic with big smiles on their faces, content with our services.

After having my baby, and lets just say, he ruined my god given perky breasts…my husband and I decided we would both like a new set, or so to speak…

I consulted with several different surgeons and what it came down to is that Dr Vallecillos really made me feel comfortable in understanding exactly what I wanted and his success rate is 100% which is so very important. I showed him some photos and he was surprised at the size I wanted for my body.

Not wanting to look like an idiot I valued his opinion and told him to just make me look Vike I did before the baby damage.

On the day Of the surgery he asked me to tell his surgical nurse what I did not want, as I was very specific. They both agreed on a certain size and I went in.

After the surgery, he told me he tried the size they said they were going to do and that I would have been pissed because they were so huge that he went a lot smaller than initially planned.

Thankfully, he used his own vision of what I wanted according to my body and my results couldn’t be more perfect!

I have so many friends wanting to see Dr Vallecillos now it’s kind of funny. I am now referring my husband for a procedure and plan to do all my cosmetic procedures with him.

Thank you to Dr Vallecillos and Joy for making things go so smooth!


16 Jan 2015

Roxanne F.
Manhattan Beach, CA

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John Doe

You can read more comments and thoughts in our section for reviews.


What are my anesthesia options?

Breast augmentation is frequently carried out while the patient is under general anesthesia for comfort and safety.

What is the recovery process after the surgery?

You should anticipate experiencing pain and swelling in your breasts after the initial few days following your breast augmentation, which may linger for many weeks. For around four to six weeks, you should avoid exercise and severe activity, but ultimately you should follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice for when to resume activity because recovery differs from person to person. In addition, you will receive instructions on how to massage your breasts, what medications to take, what kind of bra to wear, and how to schedule follow-up consultations.

Will I be left with a prominent scar after surgery?

Any breast swelling and incision lines will go away with time. The majority of incisions are positioned carefully to leave only small, inconspicuous scars.

If you have further queries, check out our FAQ’s section to get greater clarification.

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If you want to flaunt your figure and are dissatisfied with how it currently appears, breast augmentation may be the right fit for you. It will make you feel bold and beautiful again without having to be conscious about your looks. You can contact us to know more or visit us to have an in-depth consultation.
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